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The Fulfillment Platform for Peak Productivity.

Key Benefits

Maximizing Operational Productivity And Reliability For An Unmatched Return On Investment.

A global technology developer and operator that delivers the world’s most advanced fulfillment operations software, hardware and processes at scale.

Our highly automated approach to warehouse management emphasizes efficiency, scalability, safety, and a commitment to evolving alongside our customers' needs at every level.

The Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) brings together receiving, storage, retrieval, picking, buffering, and outload processes across your fulfillment operation.

Ocado Intelligent Automation (OIA)
Key Benefits
Increased Productivity

Our highly automated Warehouse Execution System (WES) software combines pick station logic with robot movement to ensure bins arrive at the right time, maximizing operator productivity. The grid is also naturally self-sorting to prioritize order speed: faster-moving SKUs will naturally rise to the top of the grid.

Seamless Scalability

OSRS demonstrates future-proof scalability in both capacity and operational throughput to meet evolving business requirements and increased consumer demand. The modular design allows for additional robots and workstations to be added with zero downtime, and grids to be expanded as you grow.

Exceptional Storage Density

With a grid stacked up to 21 bins high, OSRS maximizes storage within the occupied footprint. Adaptable to any shape or size of warehouse in both existing and new sites, it can accommodate columns or fixed objects already within the vicinity.

Ambient and Cold Storage

Our rich background in grocery means OSRS is optimized for multiple thermal regimes. Being able to chill large areas of a warehouse consistently means the grid provides ideal storage for perishable items such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics, horticulture, food and more.

Safety and Security

Inventory management with OSRS is safer for humans, being zero-touch by design. This approach ensures the highest levels of safety and security for high-value or hazardous items. And where cold storage is required, OSRS minimizes human exposure.

Picker Experience and Comfort

OSRS significantly improves the working environment for human pickers by reducing physical strain and monotony. A state-of-the-art warehouse environment, coupled with robotic assistance and gamification of picking through our intuitive UI, enhances job satisfaction and reduces the risk of workplace accidents.

High Availability, High Accuracy

Designed for resilience, the battle-hardened OSRS system prioritizes uptime and reliability, ensuring no single point of failure. It provides end-to-end quality checks, guaranteeing order timeliness and accuracy, process visibility, and maximum labor utilization. And as bin containment restricts human contact, unauthorized changes to the inventory are not possible.

Automation on Your Terms

Whatever the stage of your automation journey, we have a solution to suit your business. Chuck, our collaborative mobile robot, enhances pick rates, offers plug-and-play functionality, and requires minimal infrastructure changes. It's a solution designed to kick-start your automation journey and evolve with you as your operational needs grow.

Minimized Risk

Typical ASRS products are developed without the level of real-world experience we have, relying heavily on 3rd party partners to provide perfect design and implementation. As a result, system inefficiency is endemic in the industry. With OSRS, you’re buying a battle-hardened solution from a single supplier with decades of experience.

Key Benefits

Client & Partner Testimonials

Gary MillerchipCFO, Kroger
"We believe we're getting great value for money in terms of knowledge and expertise in retail business. Their business in the UK has demonstrated they can achieve higher profitability than traditional retailers in bricks and mortar."
Motoya OkadaExecutive Chairman, AEON
“We see Ocado as a state-of-the-art, exciting and transformative partner.”
Gerard GalletCEO, Auchan Retail Poland
"I am convinced that the introduction of such innovative and forward-looking solutions will be a significant step for our company on the way to achieving the leading position (in the e-grocery market in Poland)."
Ocado Intelligent Automation

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