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Industrial & OEM Parts

Industrial & OEM Parts

Intelligent Automation for Mission-Critical Supply Chains.

From automotive and aerospace to manufacturing, heavy machinery and utilities, the industrial and OEM sector now heavily depends on streamlined automation across its supply chains.

Managing intricate industrial supply chains involving numerous suppliers, parts, and components demands precise inventory control and efficient logistics. The Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) streamlines industrial and OEM parts logistics by maintaining precision and reliability in handling critical components.

By optimizing inventories, OSRS ensures accurate stock balancing to aid industries such as automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery in meeting production schedules, ensuring quality, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Industrial warehouse operations must also comply with industry-specific regulations, safety standards, and international trade laws—adding complexity to logistics and warehousing operations. Ensuring adherence while managing operations efficiently is a continuous challenge—one that OSRS enables through comprehensive traceability and innovations such as metal storage bins, which offer unparalleled fire resistance.

Industrial and OEM companies can quickly ramp up automation within their existing facilities with  Chuck automated mobile robot (AMR). Chuck is a grid-free robot that's easy to deploy and scale, working alongside your human associates to constantly improve performance and lower variable cost per task.

Industrial & OEM

Key Benefits

Key benefits of the Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) to the industrial and OEM sectors.

Secure In-grid Storage

Store industrial components and chemicals securely within the grid, contained within metal bins to significantly reduce the risk of stock becoming damaged

Intrinsic Product Slotting

Utilize smart stock ordering within the grid, as slower-moving SKUs move naturally towards the bottom of the grid while fast-moving SKUs rise to the top

Fully Automated Picking

Automate picking of a wide range of SKUs with on-grid robotic pick, with temporary order buffering to support customer order modifications throughout their ordering window

Configurable Workstations

Accommodate both individual item and full case picking with our flexible OSRS pick workstations, designed to support a wide range of peripherals and handle multi-channel order profiles

Ultra-High-Density Storage

Carry a far greater range of stock within the same occupied footprint. Compared to conventional pallet storage systems, OSRS' cubic storage grid requires significantly less aisle space

In-Grid Order Buffering

Unlock additional efficiencies in outbound sortation and dispatch processes by nesting delivery bins inside grid bins, with temporary order buffering to support customer order modifications

Industrial & OEM Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get asked by industrial and OEM parts manufacturers and handling companies.
How does OSRS address the challenge of inventory management complexity in the industrial and OEM sectors? OSRS automates the induction of inventory into the OSRS grid, simplifying inventory management complexity and enabling excellent stock data accuracy and visibility via our sophisticated warehouse execution system (WES) software. This approach optimizes storage space and reduces the level of human oversight needed, improving efficiency in managing diverse inventory.
How does OSRS enhance industrial and OEM warehouse space utilization? OSRS improves warehouse space utilization by employing an autonomous, ultra-high-density concurrent robot-on-grid design that can be stacked up to 21 bins high. This design allows for maximum space optimization, enabling efficient cubic storage and retrieval of equipment and components.
How does OSRS help in addressing the challenge of scalability and business evolution within the industrial and OEM sectors? OSRS offers seamless scalability and a platform design that facilitates easy physical system expansion up to the maximum capacity of a warehouse. This adaptability enables the system to effortlessly meet rapidly changing business requirements and increased demand.
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