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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Automated Storage and Retrieval Optimized for Medical Supply Chains.

In the wake of the pandemic, healthcare supply chains remain as critical as they are vulnerable. Healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chains demand stringent capabilities for product integrity, temperature controls, and timely deliveries—all while navigating ever-changing legislation and customer demand.

The Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) ensures efficient inventory handling, strict temperature control, and rapid retrieval of sensitive medical products to meet short SLAs. Its adaptability empowers healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chains to maintain efficacy while meeting strict regulatory standards, including traceability and serialization. 

Our human-assist hardware and software work in unison to ensure outstanding levels of accuracy and efficiency. Optional inventory and quality checks provide further confirmation, while sequencing picking by date life or lot code enables improved stock control and ensures patient safety.

And our optimized Warehouse Execution System (WES) enables inventory checking and batch/lot recording to be added and tailored to meet each individual site’s needs.

For healthcare and pharmaceutical companies looking to quickly ramp up automation within their existing facilities, we offer the Chuck AMR (autonomous mobile robot). Chuck is easy to deploy and scale, and works to constantly improve performance within medium density, medium throughput operations—lowering variable cost per task as well as total cost of fulfillment.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Key Benefits

Key benefits of the Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Strict Thermal Control

Maintain multiple temperatures without impact to OSRS operation, safeguarding the integrity of medical supplies with minimal penetration between zones

Secure Traceability

Ensure inventory traceability and security, as OSRS tracks stock at every step of the fulfillment process

Reliable, Sustained Peak Performance

Deliver ever-shorter cycle times and reduced order cut-off periods with OSRS’ predictable, continuous throughput

Intrinsic Product Slotting

Utilize smart stock ordering within the grid, as slower-moving SKUs move naturally towards the bottom of the grid while fast-moving SKUs rise to the top

Fully Automated Picking

Achieve up to 99% labor savings with on-grid robotic pick. Available 24/7 to alleviate the effect of labor fluctuations, robotic pick efficiently handles a wide range of SKUs without the need for human touch/handling

In-Grid Order Buffering

Unlock additional efficiencies in outbound sortation and dispatch processes by nesting delivery bins inside grid bins, with temporary order buffering to support customer order modifications

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get asked by healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.
How does OSRS ensure the timely delivery of sensitive medical products in healthcare logistics? OSRS is designed to ensure rapid retrieval and efficient inventory handling of sensitive medical products. Its adaptability optimizes inventory access, supporting timely deliveries crucial in healthcare logistics.
How does OSRS manage precise temperature controls for vaccines and temperature-sensitive medical supplies? OSRS warehouses are capable of maintaining strict thermal controls within a closed environment with minimal penetration between different temperature zones. This is vital for temperature-sensitive medical products. Being able to operate under multiple temperatures safeguards the integrity of medical supplies.
How does OSRS aid compliance with evolving legislation and standards for product traceability in healthcare logistics? OSRS prioritizes traceability and legislation compliance. Its automation and human-assist hardware/software assure accuracy, supporting healthcare facilities in meeting stringent standards.
How does OSRS optimize space and operational efficiency for managing medical supplies and equipment in healthcare facilities? OSRS's high storage density reduces the operational footprint of a warehouse, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval of medical supplies and equipment, and helping to reduce fixed costs.
How does OSRS ensure pharmaceuticals and other items stored within the grid are secure from tampering?

Stock stored within the grid is effectively ‘locked away’ and can only be accessed when requested and logged electronically. By minimizing human interaction, OSRS reduces the risk of errors, such as misplacement, mishandling or incorrect processing of stock, which can lead to damage or loss. And with our robotic pick solution, individual items (eaches) can be picked and packed without the need for human handling.

Which OIA automation solution is right for my healthcare and pharmaceutical company? OSRS is a high density ASRS solution that offers industry leading benefits for high throughput businesses. For medium throughput operations looking for an expedited, lower cost route to automation, our Chuck autonomous mobile robot (AMR) integrates with your existing warehouse infrastructure, working collaboratively with human associates to increase your warehouse productivity.
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