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Solving Challenges Across Multiple Industries.


Over One Billion Units Fulfilled Annually*.

Our tried-and-true automation solutions deliver key productivity and efficiency benefits to a wide range of industries.

Ocado Intelligent Automation (OIA) stands as a pioneering force in supply chain evolution across diverse industry verticals. Our advanced automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) revolutionizes logistics through increased productivity, future-proof scalability and exceptional storage density.

The Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) accommodates a wide range of inventory types and thermal regimes—empowering industries spanning grocery, fashion, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and beyond to streamline their supply chain operations and delight customers with best-in-class pricing and delivery. 

*Total number of units (eaches) fulfilled for UK clients by Ocado Group, FY20-22


Other Industries Served

Consumer Packaged Goods Fast-moving and household consumer packaged goods  
OEM Parts Original-equipment parts manufacturers and suppliers  
Parcel Sortation Post & parcel sortation and fulfillment  
Ocado Intelligent Automation

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