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Fashion & Apparel

Fashion & Apparel

Automation Solutions That Deliver Productivity and Efficiency Benefits to a Wide Range of Industries.

With ever-growing customer demands and challenges, apparel retailers must continuously innovate to stay competitive in e-commerce—from storage efficiency to picking and returns management. Before brands have even delivered their winter peaks, they’re already thinking about how they will stock, market and deliver their summer items while protecting margins.

Seasonal peak challenges can stretch operations teams, resulting in performance degradation along with poor storage density. With the additional complexities of returns processing and value-added services, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction become a real challenge—especially with large swings in temporary staffing.

The Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) addresses these challenges head-on.

The OSRS automatically manages slotting: placing slower-moving SKUs towards the bottom of the grid while bins with fast-moving SKUs rise to the top for faster access by our bots. Returns processing is highly automated as well as delivery and retrieval from value-added services (VAS) stations, dramatically reducing demand for temporary staffing.

Workstations are designed to be flexible and support a wide range of peripherals to handle multi-channel order profiles. Orders can be stored securely on-grid then buffered and sequenced for automatic load balancing to external pack or VAS stations as needed.

For larger store replenishment and wholesale orders, delivery bins can be nested within grid bins, picked, buffered and sequenced to either automated palletizers or other outbound processes for ultimate storage density and security—reducing fixed and variable fulfillment costs.

Industry-Specific Benefits:

– Predictable and sustained performance even during peaks to support ever-shorter order cycle times

– Inherent product slotting efficiency to support access to faster-moving SKUs

– 21-bin tall grid storage dramatically reduces operational footprint relative to traditional approaches

– Industry-leading on-grid robotic picking brings the future into the present with high, predictable throughput, security and accuracy

– Configurable workstations help you adapt to the omnichannel channel world from small e-commerce orders to large wholesale/retail orders and full case picking

– Bin-in-bin storage enables customer order bins to be densely buffered within the grid and automatically sequenced to unlock additional efficiencies in outbound sortation and dispatch processes

– Reduce supply chain shrink keeping your valuable inventory secured in the grid from start to end with full traceability


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