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Over 20 Years of Optimizing Operations.

As a customer of our own technology, we are unique in our deep understanding of supply chain and warehousing complexity.

We don’t just sell equipment; we apply our experience as long-term users of our own solutions in driving our customers' revenue growth and operational efficiency in equal measure.

From initial design to implementation and integration with your existing warehouse solutions, we work closely with customers—optimizing for both the efficiency of site processes and the simplicity of long-term operation.

  • Systems Integration
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Design and Implementation
  • Customer Success


OSRS provides a standardized interface for easy integration with a customer’s existing warehouse execution system (WES) or warehouse management system (WMS). Ocado has extensive experience supplying a full suite of warehouse and supply chain management systems with enterprise integrations to many large retail customers worldwide.

Ocado works closely with clients to find the simplest integration, optimizing for both the efficiency of site processes and the simplicity of long-term operation. 



The Ocado system can be maintained either by our own skillfully trained personnel, or by the customer. In either scenario, Ocado leverages its own experience operating sites around the world to support our customers, achieving industry-leading up-time with the shortest possible mean time to repair–along with other key metrics. 

With a blend of on-site teams, as well as global remote monitoring, Ocado is there 24/7 for its customers–ensuring the success and stability of every installation. 



Ocado has been designing and implementing automated warehouses for over 20 years—and leverages all of this experience to provide customers with the best service from initial concepts through project delivery. 

This starts with a highly collaborative design phase using our in-house expertise to develop solutions for customer problems. During this development, we use in-house simulation tools to give the greatest confidence in the proposed solution, including running scenario assessments on multiple site use cases. 

Once a solution is arrived at, it is delivered using a battle-hardened delivery team, with customers benefiting from all the learnings from Ocado’s many worldwide automation project deliveries.



As users of our own equipment in our own facilities, our attentiveness does not stop at start-up, we care about every installation throughout its operational life. Ocado works with all customers to ensure they not only get the product they desire but to ensure it is optimized for their specific use-case. Each new year of business presents new challenges, and the Ocado customer success team works with customers to ensure that their system is ready to optimally meet these challenges.


Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Increased Productivity

Our highly automated Warehouse Execution System (WES) software orchestrates pick station logic with bot movement to ensure bins arrive at the right time, maximizing operator productivity. The grid is also naturally self-sorting to prioritize order speed: faster-moving SKUs will naturally rise to the top of the grid.
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Key Benefits

Future-Proof Scalability

OSRS demonstrates extensive scalability in both capacity and operational throughput to meet evolving business requirements and increased consumer demand. The modular design allows for additional robots and workstations to be added with zero downtime, and grids to be expanded as you grow.
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Facilities Live Globally
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