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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Automation Solutions That Deliver Productivity and Efficiency Benefits to a Wide Range of Industries.

We understand the challenges that ever-changing legislation and customer demands place on your supply chain and are constantly innovating to help you keep pace.

We prioritize traceability and product legislation in our processes, just like we do with our grocery applications.

Our human-assist hardware and software work in unison to ensure outstanding levels of accuracy and efficiency. Optional inventory and quality checks provide further confirmation, while sequencing picking by date life or lot code enables improved stock control and customer experience.

Our optimized Warehouse Execution System (WES) enables inventory checking and batch/lot recording to be added and tailored to meet each individual site’s needs. 

The end-to-end system is well-adapted and proven to meet these needs while maintaining high-performance levels.

Industry-Relevant Solution Benefits:

– Reliable and sustained peak performances to support shorter order cut-off periods

– Natural product slotting supporting access to faster-moving SKUs within your range

– Robotic pick for fully automated picking of a wide range of SKUs with temporary order buffering to support customer order modifications throughout their ordering window

– High storage density reducing the overall operational footprint

– Few industries have as stringent traceability requirements as healthcare. We’ve built automation to keep your inventory secured in the grid by tracking each step of the fulfillment process

– Bin-in-bin process enabling customer order totes to be efficiently buffered within the grid and automatically sequenced for optimal outbound processing.


Other Industries Served

Consumer Packaged Goods Fast-moving and household consumer packaged goods  
OEM Parts Original-equipment parts manufacturers and suppliers  
Parcel Sortation Post & parcel sortation and fulfillment  
Ocado Intelligent Automation

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