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Third-Party Logistics

Third-Party Logistics

Automation Solutions That Deliver Productivity and Efficiency Benefits to a Wide Range of Industries.

The 3PL industry is witnessing a surge in competition. Labor prices and shortages continue to rise along with the increasing cost of real estate and operational costs, all putting pressure on margins. Leading organizations are looking to automation to improve efficiency, take better advantage of high-value real estate and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. 

Historically 3PLs have been able to rely on flexing labor across facilities to support natural or unplanned changes in operational demand. The increase in competition for labor is putting significant pressure on operating margins especially for long-term client contracts and during peaks.

Winning logistics organizations are implementing automation to stabilize their labor challenges and outshine competitors. Ocado is uniquely positioned to help in that journey with flexible automation options from our capital and infrastructure-light, AMR-based CHUCK to our preeminent OSRS for those applications which demand the highest throughput and security available.

No longer do you need to buy automation today to support demand ten years in the future. Our systems scale easily as your client demands change, protecting your margins and enabling you to outprice competitors while providing best-in-class fulfillment.

Industry-Specific Benefits:

– Predictable and sustained performance even during peaks to support ever-shorter order cycle times

– Inherent product slotting efficiency to support access to faster-moving SKUs

– 21-bin tall grid storage dramatically reduces operational footprint relative to traditional approaches

– Industry-leading on-grid robotic picking brings the future into the present with high, predictable throughput, security and accuracy

– Configurable workstations help you adapt to the omnichannel channel world from small e-commerce orders to large wholesale/retail orders and full case picking

– Bin-in-bin storage enables customer order bins to be densely buffered within the grid and automatically sequenced to unlock additional efficiencies in outbound sortation and dispatch processes

– Reduce supply chain shrink keeping your valuable inventory secured in the grid from start to end with full traceability


Other Industries Served

Consumer Packaged Goods Fast-moving and household consumer packaged goods  
OEM Parts Original-equipment parts manufacturers and suppliers  
Parcel Sortation Post & parcel sortation and fulfillment  
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