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Robotic Pick

Robotic Pick

Unlock Up to 99% Labor Savings With Robotic Pick, Directly On The Grid.

Today’s fulfillment operations face unprecedented challenges from workforce instability: rising wages, inconsistent availability and output, and wasted time re-training staff due to high turnover.

Robotic pick is an automated picking solution available 24/7 to alleviate the effect of labor fluctuations and unlock significant cost savings. 

Combining cutting-edge computer vision and advanced sensing, robotic pick identifies, picks and packs items from storage bins without prior knowledge of what they contain.

Using deep reinforcement learning, robotic pick trains itself to make faster, more dexterous handling decisions on the fly for new, potentially delicate items—to protect from damage and maximize packing density.

With each pick arm occupying just a single cell on top of the grid, robots are able to coordinate and travel efficiently to fetch and drop off inventory into robotic pick’s eight surrounding grid cells. This maintains optimal traffic levels and unlocks a very cost effective solution. 

Robotic Pick

Key Features

Robotic pick uses cutting-edge computer vision, sensing and machine learning (ML) to pick and pack inventory vastly more efficiently than traditional methods by maintaining consistency, accuracy and availability.

Robot Collaboration Coordinates with robots on the grid to pick and pack in up to eight cells.  
Smart Recognition Can be configured to scan and identify items to ensure exceptionally high order accuracy.  
Machine Learning Quickly adapts to handle new, even delicate, items.    
High-Density Packing Closely packs items to keep tote space efficiently filled and maximize system economics.  
24/7 Human Support Backed-up by a ‘remote pilot’ to intervene and handle the rare exceptions.  

Robotic Pick

Technical Specifications

  • Pick rate: up to 630 units per hour
  • Uptime: 98+% 
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +45℃ 
  • Operating humidity: 20-80% 
Order Handling
  • Payload: 1.5kg 
  • Minimum item dimension: 2.5cm 
  • Maximum item dimensions: up to 60.7cm x 40.9cm x 40.9cm 
Resource Requirements
  • Power consumption: 5.2amps at 120V
  • Air: 43.1 l/min (avg. at 6 barg, 20°C) 
  • Network: single fiber connection 
  • Robotic arm (UR10e)
  • Bespoke end effector
  • Passively managed trunking system
  • Machine vision sensors
  • Shared on-premise ML compute
  • Grid interface assembly
  • Under-grid connection panel 
  • CE & NRTL Approval
Simultaneous Order Preparations
Item Recognition Accuracy
Robotic Pick

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