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SORT Robotic Picking Robot

Robotic Sort

Robotic Sort

The AI-Powered Sortation Robot for Parcel, Post, and E-Commerce Fulfillment.

Automated pick robots combine computer vision, grasping, and manipulation technologies to deliver fast and accurate picking.

Robotic Sort handles a range of merchandise securely yet delicately, including deformables such as polybagged items.

Robotic Sort robots collaborate with humans, improving employee engagement and experience while increasing overall productivity. After identifying merchandise visually, the robot lifts and manipulates the item to locate a barcode—then stows it in the correct put-wall bin ready for picking and order completion by human operators.

Productivity and efficiency increases over time as the robot learns from the items it handles, with learnings and adaptations shared automatically between robots.

Per-Item Accuracy
Units per hour (UPH)
Install Base Uptime

Key Features

Intelligent Piece Picking Robots learn from each other, improving in speed and accuracy over time. Productivity and efficiency increase as the robots adapt to your fulfillment operation.  
High-Speed Productivity Increase sortation throughput up to 42% while increasing peak efficiency.  
99.9% Autonomous Operation Only 1 human supervisor is required per 3-4 robots. Supported by human-in-the-loop error correction and remote piloting to handle rare exceptions.


Flexible and Scalable Add as many robots as needed to suit current and future throughput needs.  
Minimal Training Required

Working alongside Robotic Sort is highly intuitive; no formal on-boarding is required for human operators.

Custom Gripping The standard gripper is equipped with both suction and actuating fingers and can be optimized to suit your item profiles.  

Robotic Sort

Technical Specifications

Material & Order Handling
  • Sort Speed: Up to 400 units per hour, per station
  • Productivity: up to 650 units per hour, per associate
  • Item ID / Barcode Readers: Reads UPC labels as well as LPN, and RFID tags
  • Material: Polybag apparel and accessories weighing up to 5 lbs.
  • Order Size: 26 cubbies, volume: 2500-3000 sq. in. each
Network Requirements
  • Connection: Single wired 1Gbps network drop. Cat5e or higher cable
  • Bandwidth: 5 Mbps up & down
  • Connectivity: Outbound TCP/UDP access required on specific ports
Standard Components
  • HMI Dashboard: Integrated display for order troubleshooting and assistance
  • Indicator Lights: 4 color stack lights indicate the transaction state of a given sort operation
  • Custom Gripper: The standard gripper is equipped with both suction and actuating fingers and is optimized for each customer’s unique item profile
Size & Infrastructure
  • Dimensions: 7.5ft high x 11.5ft wide
  • Weight: Approximately 1,500 lbs
  • Air: Requires air with 5scfm & 100psi - 150psi
  • Power: 120VAC & 30Amp electrical connections
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