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Pick Station

Pick Station

Enable Operators To Achieve High, Sustained Productivity And Meet Ever-Shorter Order Turnaround Times.

Invariably automation collaborates with workers. To avoid bottlenecks in outbound processes which can significantly impair upstream automation, it’s critical that ease of use in human-assist pick stations is a core design principle.

For applications where robotic picking isn't suitable, our human-assist pick stations provide an intuitive, low-strain environment to help operators achieve exceptional pick productivity, quickly and consistently, with little training time.

Pick Station

Key Features

Our pick stations help your workers perform the critical task of fulfilling orders from the grid, leveraging automation for highest efficiency.

Best-In-Class Throughput Pick stations support cluster picking of multiple, concurrent outbound orders for unmatched productivity while warehouse execution system (WES) software orchestrates product delivery to stations with precision timing and sequencing.  
Ease Of Use Human-assist pick stations make training new workers easy. A modern user interface steps operators through the entire pick process including imagery and clear instructions customizable for individual SKU needs, while automated bin handling reduces fatigue.  
Gamification With over 20 years of fulfillment experience, we’re proud to be a leader in helping workers consistently perform at their best. Ongoing data and analytics are processed for labor management tracking and operators remain engaged with real-time performance feedback both relative to their historical performance and site benchmarks.  

Pick Station

Technical Specifications

  • Throughput: 660 bin presentations per hour1
  • Pick to 3 simultaneous outbound bins
  • Uptime: >99%

1 Bin presentation rate will vary based on grid height and application

  • Large touch screen and overhead high-speed camera scanner
  • Pick-to-light bar with quick access confirmation buttons
  • Conveyor and grid interface chutes, plus bin over-height sensor
  • Electrical control panel, error lights, emergency stop buttons
  • Optional packing tools and supplies
Resource Requirements
  • Power: 5.24 kW, 400-480V, 3-phase AC
  • Network: Two RJ45 100 Mb/s ethernet ports, 100 Mb/s bandwidth requirement
  • Dimensions: 3.9m L x 3.8m W x 3.4m H
  • Weight: 1,902kg
  • Operating environment: Temperature +2 to +28C; Humidity: 20-80%
  • CE & NRTL Approval

  • Seismic compliant

Pick Station

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