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Maximize Productivity. Minimize Cost.

World-Proven Warehouse Automation for Future-Proof Fulfillment Operations.
Ocado Intelligent Automation (OIA)

Honed By Over 20 Years of First-Hand Operational Experience.

The Ocado Automated Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) simplifies and streamlines many complex challenges facing modern supply chains today. It’s the result of over 20 years of R&D—informed by the experience of maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs in our own warehouses.

Our autonomous, concurrent robot-on-grid design reduces the surface area, and level of human oversight needed, in both greenfield and brownfield sites.

Flexible bin storage systems can handle products from a wide range of industries, enabling businesses to increase order throughput, speed and accuracy.

And our world-class warehouse execution system (WES) software orchestrates and optimizes every part of the process.

Ocado Intelligent Automation (OIA)

Simplifying & Streamlining Warehouse Operations.

The OSRS simplifies and streamlines many complex challenges facing modern supply chains today.

An Innovator in Intelligent Automation
01/ An Innovator in Intelligent Automation
01/An Innovator in Intelligent Automation

With over 20 years of experience developing and operating our own equipment, leading brands trust Ocado as their robotics solutions provider to automate and accelerate their retail businesses.

The Solutions Platform to Power Business
02/ The Solutions Platform to Power Business
02/The Solutions Platform to Power Business

Due to the inherent flexibility and scalability of the OSRS solution, brands in a wide range of business verticals can utilize the platform to improve their customer supply chains and boost productivity.

A Self-Optimizing System That Drives ROI
03/ A Self-Optimizing System That Drives ROI
03/A Self-Optimizing System That Drives ROI

Advanced digital modeling enables simulation, validation and optimization before we build anything in the real world—giving you full confidence in our solutions from day one. Once implemented, our orchestration software and ‘digital twin’ technology constantly optimizes your warehouse output.

Key Benefits

Increased Productivity

Our highly automated Warehouse Execution System (WES) software orchestrates pick station logic with bot movement to ensure bins arrive at the right time, maximizing operator productivity. The grid is also inherently self-sorting to prioritize order speed: faster-moving SKUs will naturally rise to the top of the grid.

Key Benefits

Seamless Scalability

OSRS demonstrates future-proof scalability in both capacity and operational throughput to meet evolving business requirements and increased consumer demand. The modular design allows for additional robots and workstations to be added with zero downtime, and grids to be expanded as you grow.

Robotic On Grid Picking
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World-proven automation and business intelligence combine to make up the Ocado Storage and Retrieval System. Get to know the components that make up OSRS.

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Ocado Intelligent Automation

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