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CHUCK AMR: A Better Way to Fulfill.

About 6 River Systems

6 River Systems became part of Ocado Group in May 2023. Founded in 2015 and based in Massachusetts, USA, 6 River Systems provides medium density warehouse automation solutions to the logistics and retail sectors.

Central to this is 6 River's Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) product named ‘CHUCK’, which provides automated assistance in a warehouse, working collaboratively alongside human operators. CHUCK robots are currently deployed in over 100 warehouses worldwide with more than 70 customers.


Boost Warehouse Productivity With CHUCK AMR

Exceed customer expectations, grow profits, and reduce risk with our regular-density warehouse automation system, combining advanced fulfillment algorithms with CHUCK autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

CHUCK helps your associates work faster, guiding them through their work zones—to minimize walking, help them stay on task and work more efficiently. CHUCK is a warehouse automation solution that can be used to improve cutaway, picking, sorting and returns tasks.

CHUCK doesn't need wires, cables or stickers to move around. State-of-the-art sensors help it navigate in any warehouse without any new infrastructure. CHUCK is aware of its surroundings, moving swiftly around boxes and racks and slowing down in proximity to equipment or people. 

The autonomous mobile robot can be used on all types of warehouse floors, including rack-supported mezzanine.

CHUCK can run 24/7 with the latest in battery technology for rapid recharging. With large, modular and multi-level workspaces, CHUCK is the most configurable autonomous mobile robot in the industry and can handle up to a 200lbs / 90.7kg payload. 


Key Benefits

Reduce Cost Per Unit Shipped–Grow More Profitably

Achieve higher throughput by leveraging our patented, system-directed algorithms rather than relying on associates’ judgment to calculate optimal task allocation and path planning.

Pick in aisle-1
Maximize Your Operations With Unparalleled Capacity, Flexibility & Insights

Reduce cost per unit shipped with the highest throughput per bot, easily deploy rental CHUCKs for peak or add capacity to meet demand across your network. Resolve operational bottlenecks faster so your managers can work on higher-value tasks.

Address Labor Challenges While Increasing Productivity

Our system-directed approach allows you to better predict capacity and plan your operations. A simple user interface means associates can start picking in minutes. Reduce employee fatigue from working with heavy carts–CHUCK does all of the heavy lifting and navigation.

Chucks in row
Reduce Risk Today And Tomorrow

Improve predictability with an industry leader with thousands of robots in the field at over 100 sites across North America and Europe.


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