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The Ultimate Combination Of Grid Storage Density, Durability And Safety.

Selecting a storage solution with suboptimal bin specifications can drive unexpected costs across the board—from inefficient warehouse usage to building code compliance and insurance expense.  

Maximizing the use of horizontal and vertical space in warehouses to spread fixed costs over more shipping volume is always a top goal of fulfillment operations.

Through extensive evaluation and testing by FM Global, metal safety bins are proven to ultimately reduce fire loss risk, improve storage density and lower infrastructure and insurance costs.

Ocado’s grid supports mixing of plastic bins and metal safety bins up to 21 bins vertically to optimize for each site’s specific needs at the lowest total cost of ownership. 


Key Features

Plastic bins and metal safety bins are designed to store a wide range of SKUs efficiently with traceability and low total cost of ownership. 

Reliable Storage All bins are designed for durability and to support a wide mix of SKUs with efficient, secure storage and transport throughout the grid.  
Fire Suppression Made from galvanized steel, metal safety bins are an industry-first and ratified by world-respected FM Global Group for ultimate fire risk protection.  
Interoperability Plastic bins and metal safety bins can be used interchangeably for optimal fire prevention and cost profile with each bin individually traceable through all steps of the fulfillment process.  


Technical Specifications

Physical Specifications
  • Material plastic bins: Polypropylene
  • Material metal safety bins: Galvanized Steel
  • Plastic bins internal: L 606mm x W 406mm x H 344mm
  • Plastic bins external: L 652mm x W 449mm x H 362mm
  • Metal safety bins internal: L 609mm x W 409mm x H 358mm
  • Metal safety bins external: L 651mm x W 451mm x H 362mm
  • Plastic bins: 4.4kg
  • Metal safety bins: 5.7kg
  • Plastic bins: 30.6kg
  • Metal safety bins: 29.3kg
Maximum Vertical Stack Height
  • 21 bins
  • Designed and tested to operate for 10 years of use for plastic bins
  • 20 years for metal safety bins
Metal Bins Now in Active Operation
Bin Stack Height For Unparalleled Cubic Storage Capacity

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