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Our Lightest, Most Scalable Grid for Unmatched Cubic Storage Capacity and System Efficiency.

Customer demand, efficient space utilization, rising real estate costs, inventory security, and insurance premiums. All are key factors in selecting a cost-effective storage solution that scales with any fulfillment operation.

Our tall grid yields 33-51% more vertical storage capacity per floor than the leading alternative cubic ASRS. Stackable to 21 bins high (7.6m) in a 12m warehouse, you can maximize your vertical space to store more inventory (within different temperature zones), and reduce (or better leverage) your footprint and fixed costs.

Its modular construction means it can quickly and easily be installed into almost any greenfield or brownfield facility, of any size or shape; even on multiple stories or in seismic regions, with bin lifts able to connect the grid across floors.

A unique double-track layout supports our patented single-cell robot design to maximize routing efficiency and productivity. The new, ultra-lightweight robot frame allows for a lower-cost grid design and minimizes long-term structural wear and tear.

Bin containment within the grid provides outstanding security - key for high-value or hazardous items. In conjunction with our new metal bins, our grid offers a revolutionary new global standard on fire risk containment - improving storage density and lowering infrastructure and insurance costs.


Key Features

The grid sits at the heart of the Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS). It's a light, flexible, modular structure, assembled in as little as two weeks and designed to maximize and secure your inventory storage within densely stacked bins.

Supreme Space Utilization Best-in-class vertical density to maximize inventory storage and reduce, or better leverage, your footprint and fixed costs  
Configurable And Expandable Fits to any size or shape of building (eg. around diagonal walls or pillars, or on multi-levels) and easily expanded  
Unique Double Track Layout Supports our patented single-cell footprint robot to facilitate best-in-class routing and system productivity  
Light But Strong Easy construction with fully seismic-compliant option  
Leading Fire Risk Containment FM Global-accredited metal bins proven to maximize fire containment and reduce risk of loss by up to 99.4%  
Best-In-Class Safety Advanced grid safety features incorporated for operator protection  


Technical Specifications

Grid Dimensions
  • Grid units: Multiples of 2 cells (X) by 2 cells (Y)
  • Available heights: 21, 16, 12, 10, 8, 4, 3 or 1 bins (up to 7.6m high) Note: grids can be on multiple stories
Physical Data
  • MHE Operation Environment: -10C to +50C
  • Materials: Steel frame; Plastic track
Assembly Requirements
  • Floor type: Concrete to TR34 FM4
  • Levelness: +/-25mm
  • Key tools: Concrete drill, impact wrenches, lifting equipment, working at height equipment
  • Seismic option: North America, Europe, Asia
Key Components
  • Operation: Track; Bin guides
  • Structure: Track Support; Frames; Bin Support Platform
  • Safety: Perimeter barrier; On-Grid barrier; Install boards; In-Grid edge protection; Peripheral cover plate
Faster Construction Over Previous Grid
More vertical storage capacity than the leading alternative cubic ASRS

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