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The Lightest, Most Efficient Robot Behind The World’s Fastest Cubic Storage And Retrieval.

Ensuring high robot availability is key to maintaining pick productivity and cost efficiency in any high throughput fulfillment operation–especially during periods of high demand like peak season.

The Ocado Storage and Retrieval System (OSRS) robot is a high-speed, high-productivity worker that does the time-consuming job of fetching and dropping off bins with inventory, whether to human-assist pick stations or our fully automated robotic pick arm.

Our patented single-grid cell footprint design allows robots to pass one another unobstructed, follow the most optimized route plans, and maintain industry-leading availability and access to stock.

Whether you need 30 or 3000 robots to meet your operational demand, the system scales with minimal downtime thanks to our battery swap exchange and charging, and proprietary wireless communications.

Built from 50% 3D printed materials and with a strong carbon fiber frame, each robot is ultra-lightweight with high acceleration and top speeds. This facilitates up to 1200 bin presentations per hour by a fleet of robots at each pick station, with 39% energy savings.


Key Features

The OSRS robot moves quickly around the top of the grid to lift and lower goods in bins, to and from workstations, for picking or stock replenishment.

High-Speed Productivity A fleet of robots can present up to 1200 Bins/hr per station for unsurpassed throughput and faster order delivery  
Single Grid Cell Footprint Our patented design reduces robot traffic to maximize stock access and robot availability  
Battery Swap Technology Provides high capacity, automated battery exchange and charging for maximum grid robot uptime  
Lightweight and Strong 3D printing and carbon fiber construction drive 39% energy savings and a safer system for customers   
Multi-Environment Can operate in seismic regions, and across ambient and cold storage temperature zones  
Powerful Wireless Comms Enables 1000s of robots to run concurrently with message delivery every 100ms  


Technical Specifications

  • Robot fleet bin presentations: up to 1200 per hour per workstation
  • Time to charge: sub-60 seconds every 2 hours (via battery swap)
  • 39% lower energy consumption over previous model
  • Operating temperature: 2 to 35℃ 
  • Operating humidity: 20-80%
Bin Data
  • Payload: up to 35kg
  • Max bin dimensions: up to L 652mm x W 451mm x H 400mm  
Physical Data
  • Robot dimensions: L 746mm x W 546mm x H 991mm
  • Robot weight: 55kg
  • Materials: 50% Industrial 3D printed components
Resource Requirements
  • Avg power consumption: 110W
  • Voltage: Max voltage 58.8V
  • Battery: 1.1kWh lithium-ion battery
Key Components
  • Robot assembly (including bin hoist)
  • Battery chute (for vertical swapping of battery)
  • Comms electronics for command and control
  • Safety electronics
  • CE & NRTL Approval 
Charge Time/2hrs (via Battery Swap)
Up To 1200 Bin Presentations Per Hr, Per Workstation By A Robot Fleet
Ocado Intelligent Automation

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