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Induct Station

Induct Station

Maintain High Inbound Productivity And Accuracy With Empowered Workers.

Labor intensive activities can fatigue your operators, resulting in both productivity and accuracy issues. Don't let a suboptimal inbound decant process limit the benefits of your downstream automation.

Induct stations automate high-fatigue inbound activities and provide an intuitive, low-strain environment to help operators achieve an exceptional standard of quality, quickly and sustainably.

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Induct Station

Key Features

Induct workstations help your operators perform the critical task of transitioning products from inbound pallets into the grid, leveraging automation for high inventory processing efficiency, security and traceability.

Ease Of Use

At an average of under 9 seconds per bin presentation1, our induct stations are designed with operator productivity, accuracy and traceability in mind. A modern user interface steps operators through the entire stock induction process, with imagery and clear instructions, while bin handling and tracking automation reduces operator fatigue.

1 Bin presentation rate will vary based on grid height and application.

Inbound Intelligence Induct workstations feature system health monitoring with proactive fault alerting, automatic bin tracking for inventory accuracy and labor reduction, and decant volumetric guidance for optimal grid utilization.  
Multi-Bin Support Stations support plastic, metal-lined plastic (for flammables) and metal safety bins. Two-chute models allow for on-demand mix of bin presentations, with appropriate bin auto-dispensed based upon inbound product attributes.  

Induct Station

Technical Specifications

  • Throughput: approx. 400 bin presentations per hour1
  • Uptime: >99% 

1 Bin presentation rate will vary based on grid height and application

  • Large touch screen, hand scanner
  • Bin over-height sensor, conveyor & grid interface chutes
  • Electrical control panel, emergency stop and reset buttons
  • Optional trash conveyor
Resource Requirements
  • Power: 2.91 kW, 400-480V, 3-phase AC
  • Network: Two RJ45 100 Mb/s ethernet ports, 100 Mb/s bandwidth requirement
  • Physical: Multiple models and layouts for ambient/chill/frozen zones
  • Near-edged, long model: L 3.2m x W 1.5m x H 5.4m, 611kg
  • Operating environment:
    Temperature: -20 to +45℃, Humidity: 20-80%
  • CE & NRTL Approval

  • Seismic compliant

Induct Station

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